Emacs for Mac OS X adjustments

To use Emacs on Mac OS X you have to adjust some properties.

Map the alt and meta key
Go to “Emacs” – “Preferences” – “Environment” – “Ns : GNUstep/Mac OS X specific features” and change the following:

  • Ns Command Modifier” -> “meta
  • Ns Alternate Modifier” -> “No modifier

Now you can use your alt and meta keys as usual.

Change the background and mouse color

  • open your “~/.emacs
  • paste the following code snippet:
(setq default-frame-alist
    (append default-frame-alist
        '((foreground-color . "LawnGreen")
          (background-color . "Black")
          (cursor-color . "LawnGreen"))))
Emacs for Mac OS X adjustments