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Emacs for Mac OS X

When switching from aquamacs to emacs you have to make some adjustments to use it properly under Mac OS X.
One of the adjustments is that you could not simply type in “alt-shift-7” to get the normal backslash “\”.
The solution:
Go to “Emacs” – “Preferences” – “Environment” – “Ns : GNUstep/Mac OS X specific features” and set

  • the “Ns Command Modifier” -> “meta” and
  • the “Ns Alternate Modifier” -> “No modifier“.

Now you can use your alt and meta-keys as usual.

Second I did not remember immediately how to set my previous colors and styles (e.g. the background color or the mouse color) so I will sum up my solution:

  • open your “~/.emacs
  • type in (and replace my colors with your own)
(setq default-frame-alist
    (append default-frame-alist
        '((foreground-color . "LawnGreen")
          (background-color . "Black")
          (cursor-color . "LawnGreen"))))

And of course Emacs is much better than vim!

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